Project I-8: Teachers’ practical knowledge of the teacher-student communication processes in the classroom

Duration: 2007-2012
Researcher: R. de Jong, MA (PhD candidate)
Supervisor: Professor dr. N. Verloop & Professor dr. T. Wubbels
Co-supervisor: Dr. J. van Tartwijk

Aims and context

The aim of this study is to identify which aspects of teachers’ practical knowledge with regard to teacher-student classroom communication are shared by interpersonally competent teachers. The exact nature of the interpersonal teacher behavior guided by the practical knowledge of teachers will also be investigated, in addition to the nature of the teacher-student relations resulting from the teacher’s interpersonal behavior. The relational schemas of teachers with respect to teacher-student classroom communication are treated as a specific instance of the practical knowledge of teachers. The results of this research will extend theory regarding teacher-student classroom communication processes with the adoption of a systems approach to communication with theoretical notions regarding how relational schemas may guide the interpersonal behavior of teachers.


Data will be gathered on how both students and teachers perceive teacher-student relations using the Questionnaire on Teacher Interaction. A new instrument in the form of a questionnaire is also going to be developed to gain insight into the relational schemas of teachers. In addition, experiments will be conducted using video vignettes to explore how the relational schemas of teachers relate to their interpersonal behavior. Stimulated recall interviews will be used to gather data on the teachers’ actual interpersonal behavior in the classroom and how this behavior is guided by their practical knowledge.

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